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Monday, 29 December 2014

Sarkar Ka Milaad Hai 2015 Album Ringtones Saiyed Salman Qadri

The album Ringtones of Our beloved Naat Khuwaan Saiyed Salman Qadri has released now with 10 tracks, which consist upon 3 languages(Urdu, Kutchi and Sindhi) the bunch of Gulha-e-Aqeedat is out now, This album is released by Salman Cosmetics Mandvi Kutch Islamic which is subsidiary of Eagle TV Mandvi Kutch And Thanks For Visit My Site 

Album Release Date :- 01-01-2015
Palace of Release :- Makhdum Haji Ibrahim Dargah Sharif Mota Salaya Mandvi Kutch in Eid Milaad Programme 31-12-2014
Contact For Full CD From Eagle Sound Mandvi 09825243171 


Album Name :- Sarkar Ka Milaad Hai
Album Artist :- Saiyed Salman Qadri
Released By :- Salman Cosmetics Mandvi
Published By :- Eagle Sound And TV Mandvi Kutch
Ringtones Created By :- Madinah Gift Centre
Supported By :-

Album Ringtones Download Menu 
  1. Sarkar Ka Milaad Hai                                Download Here
  2. La ilaha iLallah Hamd                               Download Here
  3. Kutch Salat O Salam                                Download Here
  4. Mufti-E-Kutch Zindabad                           Download Here
  5. Gani Ne Naa Muhammad Jo (Kutchi)     Download Here
  6. Madinu Madinu (Kutchi)                           Download Here
  7. Sana Khawan Hun Nabi Ka Main             Download Here
  8. Ya Nabi Aap Par Ho Salam                       Download Here
  9. Nigahen Muntazir Hain                             Download Here
  10. Maddah Sharif (Sindhi)                             Download Here

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